March 30, 2023

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"Energy and Infrastructure" completes maintenance of Tippa-Masafi Road

“Energy and Infrastructure” completes maintenance of Tippa-Masafi Road

The Ministry of Energy and Infrastructure has announced the completion of preventive maintenance work for asphalt layers on the 8 km (Thiba – Masafi) road from Truck Roundabout to the E89 section of El Ghouna. Manama-Sham is currently overseeing a total of 41 km of maintenance work on the E18 road.

Abdul Rahman Al-Mahmood, Engineer, Director, Central Roads and Assets Department, Ministry of Energy and Infrastructure (Manama-Sham E18), said the implementation rate for the road maintenance project has reached 75%. Work on the area from Manama Roundabout in Fujairah to God Roundabout in the Ross Tent will be completed by the end of the third quarter of 2022.

Al-Mahmoud said in an exclusive report to Emirates news agency WAM that maintenance work would include removing old asphalt layers and placing new ones on both tracks, and that the Ministry of Energy and Infrastructure would use state-of-the-art technology. The requirements for stability through the use of cold asphalt recycling technology in maintenance operations depend on the crushing, mixing, paving and shrinkage of existing asphalt layers with new layers so that the new layers have better properties than the old ones. In addition to the use of polymer in asphalt composites, they are compacted with cement using special machines for this purpose; For its unique characteristics and its contribution to the heavy weight bearing of trucks, the soil is repaired and prepared, the use of new materials is distributed and transported to the site, while this technology is characterized by a set of competent properties. It will be an alternative to the traditional methods of maintaining and maintaining federal roads. (Left)

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