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Erdogan’s trip to the United Arab Emirates .. Relations towards the “new era”


The announcement of the visit was considered by analysts to be the “new era” of relations, especially after his last visit. Sheikh Mohammed bin Saeed Al Nahyan, The Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi and Deputy Commander-in-Chief of the United Arab Emirates Armed Forces stressed that it opens wide frontiers in the stability and resolution of crises in the region.

They stressed that both countries would work with their regional weight to alleviate tensions in the region, which has been plagued by turmoil for more than a decade.

The new era

The Turkish official Anatoly Agency quoted Erdogan as saying that it wanted to take some strong action in the foreign ministry. Relations with the UAE.

Erdogan hoped that the agreements signed with the United Arab Emirates during the Ankara talks last week would usher in a new era in bilateral relations.

He continued, “We will take similar action across Egypt and Israel as we did with the United Arab Emirates.”

Sheikh Mohammed bin Saeed visited Ankara last week where he held talks with Erdogan. During the visit, agreements and memorandums of understanding were signed between the United Arab Emirates and Turkey, which include a number of areas that contribute to the opening of new frontiers for joint work between the two countries and the strengthening of cooperative relations. Abu Dhabi And Ankara.

The agreements included the establishment of a $ 10 billion Emirati fund to support investment in Turkey.

A new era in relationships

Said Abdullah Aydogan, a Turkish writer and political analyst Turkish-Emirati relations An important pillar for the stability of the region, and what is happening is a new transition that opens up broad frontiers for a broader partnership.

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In a statement to Sky News Arabia, Idokan said Turkey’s return to Turkey’s Arab neighborhoods would have a positive impact on the economy, as the United Arab Emirates is Turkey’s largest trading partner and the integration of relations contributes to increasing investment and strengthening the economies of both countries.

He explained that the warm welcome of Sheikh Mohammed bin Saeed Al Nahyan and the conclusion of the agreements between the two sides reflected the new era of relations and that the lean years between the two sides were over.

Prior to Erdogan’s visit, he indicated that Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu and intelligence chief Hakan Fidan would visit the United Arab Emirates.

Turkey resumes its policies

Karam Saeed, an expert on Turkish affairs at the Al-Ahram Center for Political and Strategic Studies, said Erdogan’s statements were inseparable from two key issues: first, restoring its foreign policy and reforming its orientation towards the region. Because its policies in recent years have had a negative impact on the reality of Turkey.

Sheikh Mohammed bin Saeed Al Nahyan said in a statement to Sky News Arabia that the second thing was coming after an important visit to Ankara, which added a lot to Turkey’s economic status. Investment finance Worth $ 10 billion.

He explained that Turkey is currently seeking to coordinate its foreign policy not only with the United Arab Emirates, but also with Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Israel, the Turkish president stressed in his speech. More powerful measures will be taken in the future. “

He noted the research talks that took place in between Egypt and Turkey Relations between the two countries have made great strides after a gap of 8 years.

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The scenario in Turkey has changed, and he explained that Erdogan’s administration must re-use relations and make major changes to save the collapsing economy, as well as to ease US pressure and ease ties with Israel on a number of key files.

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