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Establishment of the Dubai Digital Assets Task Force


Dubai: “The Gulf”
The Dubai Chamber for the Digital Economy, one of the three chambers operating under the Dubai Chambers umbrella, announced the establishment of the Dubai Digital Assets Task Force, which will work to develop and enhance the digital assets sector’s contribution to sustainable development. The UAE and Dubai Process supports the growth of digital companies in Dubai with the aim of promoting efforts to develop digital infrastructure.
The tasks of the new business group include introducing and developing the digital assets sector in Dubai, improving transparency by providing data and specialist market research, supporting the interests of digital companies and fostering cross-border cooperation in strategic digital sectors.
Omar Sultan Al Olama, Minister of State for Artificial Intelligence, Digital Economy and Remote Work Applications, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Dubai Chamber for the Digital Economy, confirmed that the establishment of the new task force is in line with the Dubai Chamber’s axes. Strategy for the Digital Economy To stimulate and accelerate the development of the digital economy in the emirate, the Dubai Asset Working Group will provide an ideal platform for digital companies to coordinate their efforts, discuss the sector’s challenges and increase its competitiveness. The quality of its services and initiatives will contribute to the acceleration of digital transformation in Dubai, embodying the visions of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, to cement Dubai’s position. A global capital of the digital economy and a key player in the global digital system.
He said that the digital economy is the economy of the future and is based on the pillars of the development process, and the Dubai Digital Assets Task Force will be a key reference to provide strategic market research related to digital assets from private to all stakeholders. Departmental agencies, decision makers and relevant government agencies.
Gaurang Desai, chairman of the Dubai Digital Asset Working Group, said: “We see a real opportunity to make Dubai and the UAE a regional hub for digital assets. Therefore, it is important to work on establishing communication bridges between companies working in the field of digital assets to improve coordination and interaction with the actors in the global economy and its system. We welcome all companies who wish to join the newly formed group to promote the concepts of transparency, accountability and integrity and promote high professional and ethical standards.
Desai added: “Through the Dubai Digital Assets Working Group, we will work to ensure digital companies’ commitment to society, educate the public and create tools for access to technology for all.” Our efforts will not stop there, but we will support the efforts of digital asset companies to improve the quality of services, support the environment, manage energy and protect the investor.
It is noted that business groups play an important role in promoting and supporting the economic development process in Dubai, representing an essential part of the business community and contributing to the advancement of trade and investment activity in the emirate by investing in skills. Skills and expertise to enhance the competitive advantage of the business community in Dubai. After establishing the Dubai Chambers business groups, it focuses on following up on their affairs, studying their recommendations to identify their priorities and interests, facing increasing global competition, and facilitating their participation. Exploring international events and new opportunities related to their activities.

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