March 30, 2023

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Ethiopia rejects "US warning"

Ethiopia rejects “US warning”

And advised Central Aviation Authority This week American Airlines With caution on flights to or near Ethiopia, year-long wars are approaching there The capital of Ethiopia.

A statement said airlines were “required to be vigilant during air operations due to unplanned hazards to civil aviation over and near war zones.”

“Civilian aircraft can be directly or indirectly exposed to ground-based or surface-to-air aerial fire,” he added.

But Ethiopian Civil Aviation Authority Denied US warning “Unfounded and completely contrary to reality,” he described.

The Ethiopian Civil Aviation Authority wants to declare any aircraft safe in Ethiopian airspace, including Addis Ababa International Airport, ”he said.

Announced Ethiopian government A nationwide state of emergency earlier this month ordered residents of Addis Ababa to be prepared to defend their surroundings amid fears that rebels could advance from the northern Tigris region to the capital.

The U.S. embassy expelled non-essential staff and urged U.S. citizens to leave the country.

Washington is one of the strongest critics of the conflict in Africa’s second most populous country, which has killed thousands and starved hundreds of thousands.

Jeffrey Feldman, the US ambassador to the Horn of Africa, visited Ethiopia this week, and this week he is in Ethiopia as part of a concerted effort to end the conflict with former Nigerian ambassador to Africa, Olusekan Obasanjo.

On Friday

“They agreed to continue to work to maintain peace and stability in the country,” he added on Twitter.

During a visit to Kenya on Wednesday, US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken renewed Washington’s call for a ceasefire, after last week warned that Ethiopia was in danger of a “domestic collapse” in the absence of talks between the government and Tigre. The People’s Liberation Front is coming to an agreement.

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Obasanjo also warned that peace talks would “not work” without an immediate end to the war.