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Etisalat and Orange establish data transfer point for business development


Etisalat has announced a joint venture with Etisalat Orange to establish a pocket data transfer point between networks (IPX) on Etisalat’s Smart Data Switch (SmartHub) in the United Arab Emirates, which will contribute to expanding Orange’s international overall hand coverage in the region. Emerging requirements for 4G and 5G networks.

Etisalat’s SmartHub Data Exchange is an independent platform that enhances the customer experience of mobile operators with international mobile roaming and meets the business roaming requirements of IoT applications that require a lower latency connection.

Etisalat’s SmartHub contributes to improving Orange’s international wholesale presence in the Middle East, supporting the company’s infrastructure, improving connectivity points and capabilities, and expanding services across the Middle East and Africa.

This collaboration aims to support the company’s business, which serves existing clients internationally and test growth opportunities in new markets through specialized communication services and solutions.

Ali Amiri, CEO, Wholesale and Operator Services, Etisalat Group, said: “Etisalat is proud to establish a new data transfer point at SmartHub, an innovative and regional platform that allows for this partnership and data exchange with Orange, the capabilities and development opportunities for operators. Over the years, Etisalat’s smart data centers have been successful in maintaining strong and consistent performance, providing excellent connectivity services in the region.

The Pocket Data Exchange Point (SmartHub) in the call center is a practical platform to connect telecommunication service operators easily and smoothly. It is the fourth international data transfer point for telephone operators after Amsterdam, Ashburn and Singapore. Improving the quality and diversity of services for interstate and telecommunications operators between Singapore and Amsterdam.

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