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Euro and dollar prices in Algeria today, Monday, August 16, 2021


The euro depreciated in Algeria during trading on Monday, August 16, 2021 in the central bank and unofficial (black) market today.

At the Central Bank of Algeria the euro was valued at 158.98 dinars and 159.03 dinars for sale, and 212.24 dinars and 214.60 dinars for buying in the equivalent (black) market.

For Algeria, exiting the hydrocarbon economy has become an urgent need because the future of its national economy lies in building a competitive industry, diversified agriculture and a growing service sector, which will be a real alternative to oil.

In recent days, Algeria has witnessed massive and unprecedented wildfires across 18 entire provinces, killing 65 people, including 28 in the initial count. Families besieged by the fire destroyed their homes and agricultural crops.

Algerian President Abdelmadzi Deboun said most of the forest fires were caused by criminals, stressing that, in a speech to the nation, those who set fires knew the Kabbalah region well and knew it was forests.

The Algerian president noted that his country was experiencing difficult and painful conditions at the same time, engulfing nearly 17 states, most of them concentrated in the state of DC Oso, describing it as a “disaster”. His country “will not fall and will face this test.”

Dollar and sterling price

The dollar price in Algeria, at the Central Bank of Algeria, was 135.53 dinars for buying, and 135.55 dinars for selling.

In Algeria the dollar was bought on the equivalent (black) market for 180 dinars, and 182 dinars for sale.

At the central bank the pound sterling was 187.07 dinars and 187.14 dinars.

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In the unofficial (black) parallel market the price of the pound sterling in Algeria was about 249.32 dinars to buy and 252.09 dinars to sell.

Rial, Dirham and Dinar

The Saudi riyal recorded 36.13 dinars for buying and 36.14 dinars for trading during today’s trade at the Central Bank of Algeria.

In the unofficial (black) equivalent market, the riyal was trading at 47.99 dinars and 48.53 dinars.

The price of UAE dirham at the Central Bank of Algeria was 36.89 dinars for purchase and 36.90 dinars for sale.

In the parallel Algerian market (black) the price of UAE dirham was confirmed at 49.01 dinars and 49.55 dinars for sale.

The price of the Kuwaiti dinar at the Central Bank of Algeria was 449.69 for the purchase of the Algerian dinar, and 450.93 for the sale of the Algerian dinar.

It was recorded buying 598.36 Algerian dinars and selling 605.01 Algerian dinars on the unofficial parallel market (black).

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