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Euro and dollar prices in Algeria today, Saturday 6 November 2021


On Saturday morning, November 6, 2021, the price of the euro was confirmed against the Algerian dinar by the Algerian Central Bank of Algeria, while it rose in the parallel market.

At the Central Bank of Algeria, the euro was trading at 158.90 dinars and 158.93 dinars, respectively, while the black market traded higher by 208.06 dinars and 210.37 dinars, respectively.

The price of the dollar today in Algeria

The dollar was valued at 137.54 dinars for buying and 137.55 dinars for selling at the Central Bank of Algeria, and 180 dinars for buying in the parallel (black) market and 182 dinars for selling.

Price of pound sterling in Algeria

The exchange rate of the pound sterling at the Central Bank of Algeria was confirmed at 187.92 dinars for purchase and 187.94 dinars for sale.

Sterling’s price fell to 242.99 dinars for buying and 245.69 dinars for selling on the unofficial (black) joint market.

Rial, dirham and dinar prices in Algeria

The Saudi riyal was registered at the Central Bank of Algeria for 36.66 dinars for purchase and 36.67 dinars for sale.

The riyal price was 47.99 dinars for buying and 48.52 dinars for selling in the joint market (black market).

The UAE dirham was valued at 37.44 dinars for purchases and 37.45 dinars for transactions with the Central Bank of Algeria.

In the joint market (black market) the price of dirham was 49.01 dinars for purchase and 49.55 dinars for sale.

The price of the Kuwaiti dinar was at the central bank, reaching 454.29 Algerian dinars for purchase and 456.55 Algerian dinars for sale.

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The equivalent (black) market fell to 596.14 dinars for purchases and 602.77 dinars for sales.

The Algerian news agency quoted Energy Minister Mohamed Arkab on Tuesday as saying that Algeria was seeking to increase its share of the European gas market to more than 30%.

The company said Arcab stressed “the country’s ambition to further enhance its presence in this market by proposing additional levels”.

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