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IPhone 13 Pro Max Gold Specifications and iPhone 13 pro max Release Date in Saudi Arabia


iPhone 13 Pro Max Gold With the advent of the mobile phone, IPhone 13 Pro Max The excitement of Apple mobile phone lovers worldwide is on the rise. Also the specifications and price of this smartphone and the latest searches by Apple are increasing. Some iPhone leaks revealed that it could be a phone Maximum iPhone 13 Pro Available in the market from September 13, 2021. To make a reservation for this phone and other series of phones (iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Pro Max, iPhone 13 Pro, iPhone 13 Mini) on September 17, 2021. Today we will introduce you through the Thakafni website IPhone 13 Pro Max Specifications The most popular attractive gold color in the world. Follow me to know all the details.

IPhone 13 Pro Max price in Iraq
IPhone 13 Pro Max Specifications
IPhone 13 Pro Max price in Egypt

IPhone 13 Pro Max Gold Specifications One of the most important features of the phone is that it supports the near range (NFC) feature. High quality materials were used to make the phone IPhone ١٣ Go Max Add luxury touches to the phone. The phone also comes with stereo speakers to get clearer and louder sound than before. The phone screen is very strong and it has a very high quality strong security layer. A phone is also coming iPhone 13 Pro Max Gold With a powerful processor powered by 5th generation technology, it has strong gaming performance. The phone comes with a high quality camera. Supports shooting videos in 4K quality. The phone also comes with sensor shift technology provided by Apple to capture more static videos. The phone got a strong battery and it will last a long time. Supports phone Go to iPhone 13 max Nano SIM card. The phone supports second, third, fourth and fifth generation networks. It also supports payment services via Visa card and MasterCard. The phone contains Go to iPhone Max There is usually a secondary microphone designed to isolate noise and noise when using the phone. The phone supports GPS feature to determine geographical location. This phone comes with iOS 15 operating system. The phone comes in three versions (128GB, 256GB, 512GB) with 8GB of RAM. Colors available on your phone Maximum iPhone 13 Pro (Gold, Pink, Orange, Black, Pearl and White).

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IPhone 13 Pro Max Gold Price

The global price of the phone for the 128GB version with 8GB of RAM worldwide is $ 1750. It was like that iPhone 13 Pro Maximum Price In Saudi Arabia, it is 6600 Saudi Riyals. As achieved IPhone 13 Pro Max price in Egypt 26500 Egyptian pounds. The price of a phone in the UAE is 500 dirhams.

Now we may have reached the end of this article in which we have given you the most important specifications of iPhone 13 Pro Max Gold and the release date of iPhone 13 Pro Max in Saudi Arabia. We have given you the price of iPhone 13 Pro Max in various Arab countries.

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