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Europe is committed to the mental health of its citizens


Europe commits to the mental health of its citizens and allocates 1.3 billion dollars to fight the “silent epidemic”


The European Commission today announced a new comprehensive approach to mental health, pledging to bring mental health together, allocating 1.23 billion euros (about US$1.3 billion) to initiatives in this context in the EU. “Pillars of Health Policy.”

“Today (yesterday) marks a new start for a comprehensive and preventive approach to mental health at EU level that serves many stakeholders,” said Stella Kyriakites, EU Commissioner for Health and Food Safety. “We need to remove stigma and discrimination so that people in need can get the support they need,” he added.

And Kyriakits pointed out that “we may be sick,” and stressed that “it is our duty to make sure that everyone who asks for help gets it.”

In a related context, European Commission Vice-President Margaritis Schinas described mental health problems as a “silent epidemic”.

The commission said mental health problems affected about 84 million people before the coronavirus crisis, at an estimated economic cost of about 600 billion euros (about $645 billion) a year, equivalent to four percent of the group’s gross domestic product.

Furthermore, the commission pointed out that the situation worsened after the outbreak of the corona epidemic, the outbreak of war in Ukraine, concern about climate change and the increase in the cost of living in light of high inflation. EU efforts will focus on adequate and effective prevention, provision of high-quality and affordable mental health care and reintegration into society after recovery.


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