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Experts identify factors that attract investors to buy real estate in Dubai


Real estate companies have identified many factors that influence an investor’s decision when buying a property, especially safety and security, investor protection laws, in addition to price and payment plans, Dubai offers all the factors that interest investors. With many options to buy a property in the emirate. They told «Emirates Today» that the location of the property to be purchased, its views and interior finishes, service charges play an important role in the buying process and return on investment of the property.

Attention and safety

In detail, Raad Ramadan, General Manager of Awad Karkash Real Estate Company, said that there are many factors that influence the decision of an investor when buying a property, especially safety and security factors and laws to protect and protect the property. Ownership, as well as investor residency laws, Dubai offers all these factors as a magnet for investors looking to buy a property in the emirate.

Ramalan added that the property’s location and real estate investment area are key factors influencing the purchase decision, based on infrastructure and location and availability of services near the property, in addition to investment returns. Property plays an important role in determining the property to be purchased.


For his part, Alaa Masood, an expert in marketing and sales in the real estate market in Dubai, agreed with Ramadan, stressing that the safety and security factor is one of the most important factors affecting the process of buying a property, which Dubai experiences. The highest level of safety and security.

Price, payment plan and payment methods differ among real estate developers, Masood said, adding that an investor prefers one property over another, pointing out that there are many options in Dubai, especially when it comes to prices and payment methods.

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Apart from the fees for services fixed by the developer, the platform also plays an important role in the procurement process, he said. Masoud pointed out that interior finishes also influence the purchase decision, which can be categorized as the last influencing factor.


In turn, real estate consultant Mohammed Al-Hafiti said that there are many factors that affect the purchase decision in the real estate market, but he considered that the most important of them is the need for suitable property for housing. Offered by real estate developers in their projects in Dubai.

He said that the quality of health and education services is one of the main factors when deciding to buy a property in a region, and in general Dubai and the UAE are characterized by the highest level of these services.

He mentioned the investor’s interest and public interest and all the laws that affect the investment decision.

Financial problems

In the same context, Muhannad Al-Wadiah, Managing Director of Harbor Real Estate, said that the first factors influencing the decision to buy property in Dubai are financial matters, including price and value for money, apart from safety and security. , in addition to the purchase cost, it includes other charges such as registration fees, broker fees, and letter of intent, as well as the cost of ownership reflected in financial income.

The second factor influencing the buying decision is the location of the property and the vision and identity of the project.


Al-Wadiah explained that the third factor is the views offered by the property, some prefer water views, others prefer views of golf courses, while others prefer views of well-known or urban tourist attractions, noting that Dubai offers many projects. From different perspectives..

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Al-Wadia said another factor that comes into play when thinking about buying a property is the spaces and partitions of the existing property, in addition to the interior design.

He pointed out another important factor which is the quality of the property in terms of finishes and amenities and the quality of customer service of the major developer.

Regulatory Acts

Real estate consultant Ahmad Al-Dawla said some of the factors that influence the purchase decision of those who wish to invest in the real estate sector include laws that regulate the purchase process.

The government pointed out that large number of advertisements and random calls from some real estate brokers or some developers may cause inconvenience to the investor and negatively affect his decision.

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