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Experts: Women seek cosmetic surgery for “fashion,” not necessity


Many doctors and dermatologists and cosmetologists have confirmed that most women who visit cosmetic clinics do not need it and are beyond the scope of luxury need and desire to change and get. Standards developed by social media platforms.
They explained to Al-Bayan that the demand for beautification is increasing significantly due to what women see on social media platforms, “filters” and photo editing programs. Services.

Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon and President of the Emirates Society for Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, Dr. Zuhair Al-Fardan, recent specialized international studies show an annual increase of more than 20% in spending on cosmetic services, which is at the top. A list of the most in-demand medical services locally and globally, there is a discrepancy in the types of women who visit cosmetologists in the country, as most of them have no real need for cosmetology. Surgery, and beyond the need for cosmetic surgery as a result of burns, accidents, or disfigurement or disability, has gone beyond the realm of need for luxury, change, and social media metrics.
In this regard, a consultant for obesity and plastic surgery, Dr. Ahmad Lamei said that the obsession with various cosmetic procedures has surpassed all standards and most women now want to have some features on their face despite the contradiction. Getting them can turn them from cute to ugly, “to boot.” Again the spiral to improve the subject, which is often dissatisfied,” emphasizes that some beautiful women become depressed if they do not get the results they want. Their high expectations that do not conform to medical practice.

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She noted that most women who visit cosmetic clinics have natural beauty, but a desire to have popular personal features or a sense of boredom prompts them to upload pictures and clips that they want to copy, regardless of medical considerations. Openly giving advice, but insisting on a process, he wants to control the situation because the woman bears the consequences of the matter according to the signed statement, pointing out that beautiful women are disfigured by inappropriate cosmetic procedures.

Plastic surgeon Dr. Ibrahim Ahmed points out that the recent change in the perception of beauty has made cosmetics a craze and a necessity for people of all ages and genders. Beauty level. He said: “Today we see traditions in the world of cosmetics, and many women have become copies of big lips, a small nose, cat eyes, dimples and other cosmetic practices that see trends every day.”

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