April 1, 2023

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Exploding "zombie cells" ... a medical revolution to prevent aging

Exploding “zombie cells” … a medical revolution to prevent aging

In the news that could revolutionize the world of medicine and science, scientists in Japan have unveiled a new vaccine that they say will eliminate the so-called “zombie cells” associated with aging and various diseases.

The research team, led by Professor Doru Minamino of Jundento University, published the results of their study in the journal Nature Aging on Friday.

Atherosclerosis and diabetes

In detail, vaccinated mice showed reduced numbers of senescent cells called “zombie cells” that accumulate with age and are associated with conditions such as arthritis and atherosclerosis, according to the Japan Times.

“We expect the vaccine to be used in the treatment of atherosclerosis, diabetes and other diseases associated with aging,” Minamino said.


Mature cells are cells that stop dividing over time, but do not die. It damages nearby cells by releasing inflammatory chemicals.

Protein and amino acid

In addition, the team identified a protein found in mature cells of humans and mice and developed a vaccine based on the amino acid that makes up the protein. The vaccine helps the body produce antibodies that bind to aging cells and are removed by white blood cells that bind to the antibodies.

When the group administered the vaccine to mice suffering from atherosclerosis, many of the accumulated senile cells were removed and the diseased areas were reduced.



Vaccinated mice developed slower vulnerabilities than those not vaccinated.

It is worth noting that many circulating drugs aimed at removing aging cells are used to fight cancer and can have adverse effects. However, the team explained that the adverse effects of the vaccine were minimal, while its efficacy was prolonged.

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