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Exploitation of Sofian Taktak on Totami Mats in Dubai


Success The former licensee of SOM Judo, who went to the Emirates for work, won an international competition at Jujitsu in April, but that is a discipline he has only discovered. Something to make his family proud in Milla.

The news never reached us, but it did not count the pride of Abdelkader Taktak. “I think we need to talk about the positive things, especially at this time, Father told us on the phone. I told myself that those who knew him at the Millau Judo Club would be glad to see what happened to him.On April 7, 6,500 km from the family home, his son Sofian won his bout against the Russians Weli Karipov and Idris Asadulev, winning a gold medal in his category at the Masters of the World Pro Championship, an international jiu competition. In Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. The performance is remarkable because Millavois, a former high-level judoka, invented this new martial art just a few months ago. “This is completely unexpected, He testified on Friday that he was linked by video from his apartment in Dubai. The goal was to go as far as possible, have fun, and show me what I value. »

Two years in the Dubai sun

His first judoka activities took place on the Tatami mats in Milla, where Sofian Dakto quickly reached the pinnacle of SOM judo and also received praise from his coach Patrick Fessey. Winner of several national and regional competitions, University France vice-champion, Young Hope will join the National Institute of Sports, Expertise and Performance (INSEP) in Paris, after which he will fully engage himself in his studies. These would be brilliant. A graduate of Sorbonne and an Essex graduate of a large French business school, he joined the Millavoice Orange Group, which will lead him to the position of Director of Sales at the Emirates. The pearly skyscrapers of the Persian Gulf and the heat (which is currently 40 C) have been his daily life for two years. “I learn a lot abroad, which I recommend to everyone, He says, Even though the Govt also affected the Arabian Peninsula. We experienced very strict locking where we could not leave our house. Many jobs were lost overnight.The epidemic has also had an impact on sports. Sofian Doctock, who attended on April 7, was initially scheduled to be held in 2020, but was postponed due to health conditions. Undoubtedly this allowed Millavois to improve and harden itself. When he arrived in Dubai, he started looking for a local judo club. “But South Avron explains that it does not match what I know in Milla. I found a room made by UFC, but it is not the same moral code … »

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Under the colors of the crown prince

Thirty-one finally meets Jujitsu’s professor, who persuades him to test his discipline. Sofian Doctock likes it, but does not expect to return to the competition. “I was there to see the fun. I took a three-month break after my teacher was fired. I don’t like it.However, Brazilian martial arts will once again extend its arms to the former judoka. Jujitsu, which is very practical in the Emirates, where the Al-Wasl Sports Club was founded, is subject to significant investments in Crown Prince Al Maktoum’s Ultra Modern Megalopolis. European footballers have already put their muscle there, big names in Jiu Jitsu too.

Return to France

Sofian Doctock also wears a black and gold kimono and is believed by his new coaches to return to official competitions. “I felt I had missed this situation, Presents the champion. Being alone in front of you and building your performance alone …Milwaukee should also transform the uniqueness of martial arts and focus more on ground work and locking techniques, while judo is practiced above all else. But the former somber also has strengths on his side. His experience of totami mats in France weighs against his opponents, his winning spirit, a “Small sparkIt will never leave him. Its main drawback? “I don’t like perverse shots and win by any means necessary. In the final, my opponent tried. I don’t like it.The rest, we know it. Sofian Taktak has climbed to the top of the stage and is now looking forward to the next AJP touring international tournament, next month in Abu Dhabi. A return to France is also planned, with Millavois always considering his Emirati experience as a bracket. Will he resume judo or continue jujitsu? The 31-year-old champion, who is past the age to dream of the Olympics, has yet to make his decision.

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