May 29, 2023

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Explore Tokyo in a new demo from Unreal Engine 5

In a new demonstration of Unreal Engine 5’s capabilities, an artist has created a full-scale city of Tokyo inside the engine, playable and explorable. The demo is available for free and can be downloaded now.

This is not the first technical demo of the Unreal Engine 5 engine, as we all remember the demo of The Matrix Awakens released on current generation devices with PC, and other technical reviews of the engine’s capabilities are available for download.

As the world’s artistry is heavily influenced by anime, the demo looks amazing with a unique display of the engine that anime fans will love more and more. In fact, we’ve never seen Tokyo this big and beautiful in a game, let alone Unreal Engine 5 and all its fancy tech.

For example, games like Ghostwire Tokyo, Yakuza, or Persona 5 allow the player to travel around the city of Tokyo, but not its entire extent or all parts of it, as in this demo. The demo is an early version of the full game that Demo Maker will release in the coming months and will be released on Steam.

The demo was created by an artist named Yan Ru, who posted it on the Art Station website, which is free and available for everyone to download, and said that the demo will be updated regularly and new content will be added throughout. The game was released. Tokyo Anime Demo has three graphic modes: Sunny – Cloudy – Anime Extra.

You can download the demo now This link Explore Tokyo for free with great graphics.

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