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Expo Dubai is an international consensus on the global role of the United Arab Emirates


Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Crown Prince of Dubai, launching Expo 2020 Dubai tomorrow is an international consensus on the positive and influential global role of the United Arab Emirates in human issues, challenges and opportunities and its effectiveness. Contribute to shaping a better future.

In his welcome address to the participants and the audience, he said via Al Bayan, “We have promised the world that we will be organizing a historic exhibition, and we will fulfill our promise for a period of six months starting today. Hosted by Dar Zayed and Rashid, Khalifa and supported by Mohammed bin Rashid and Mohammed bin Saeed. Welcome to the Emirates, the home of the world. “

He expressed his pride in the success of the organization and the readiness of the city, and thanked and thanked the members of the Expo High Committee. And to all the working groups who meticulously implemented the vision of Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the United Arab Emirates and Ruler of Dubai, may God protect him. Name and reputation and what the world expects from it.

Addressing his Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid, he said: “We receive strength, determination and determination from you. We have learned that creativity is an Emirati writing that emerges in Dubai today. We have discovered our potential from your point of view, and decided not to recognize it by overcoming the impossible. Achievement, we are your soldiers, we promise you to follow your path. “”.

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His Excellency told participants from 1922 countries: “In this home, in the land of tolerance, opportunity and creativity, we must each take part, to ensure sustainable international cooperation, with innovative, effective and applicable means, and to draw a road map that will guide the world for the benefit of mankind.”

His Excellency said: “Expo exhibitions have always provided discoveries and ideas that have changed the face of life for mankind. Through activities, we hope to be able to devise direct solutions to human activities to ensure the sustainability of resources, while at the same time creating more relevant opportunities.Humanity guarantees a decent life for all mankind, especially as the world today lives in an era of innovation, artificial intelligence and the Fourth Industrial Revolution. The means to be used towards a responsible and positive impact on people’s lives.The Dubai Expo is the best opportunity and platform to showcase this on the ground.

The agenda of the international event emphasizes the importance of coordinating international cooperation to address issues such as climate, energy, development, health care, poverty and education.

He invited the audience to take advantage of the event and its diversity in understanding and accepting others. Between the cultural diversity that the exhibition encompasses, opportunities are created, collaboration increases and understanding deepens, in a creative and positive mood. His Highness emphasized that the exhibition provides participants and visitors with the tools they need to achieve the goals of humanity. And make this global encounter immortal in his memory.


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