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Family development in Sharjah improves the mental health of adolescents


Sharjah: “Gulf”

Family Development Centers, one of the institutions of the Supreme Council for Family Affairs in Sharjah, represented by the Department of Family Guidance, have launched an awareness initiative called “Partner Counseling” aimed at promoting the mental health of adolescents. By providing parents with the skills to deal positively with their children by identifying and suggesting appropriate social, psychological and behavioral problems that may occur to adolescents at this age.

The initiative, which is based on the results of a study of youth and adolescent issues conducted by the Department of Family Guidance, seeks to raise awareness of community members in general and families and parents in particular about how parents behave during adolescence. Understand the nature and psychology of adolescents, and ways to deal with their behaviors and mistakes in a positive way. Parents give him general knowledge of the influence of friends, following him in public, and knowing nature. Psychological conflicts and how to deal with adolescence in general.

Determining the problems of adolescents

Omaima Al-Ani, a consultant at Family Development Centers in Sharjah, said the initiative includes preparing an open interview with a group of Sharjah youth Shura on the problems they face during adolescence and the role of parents in improving their skills. To address these issues, a questionnaire will be prepared to identify the most important of these issues and address them, as well as to identify the issues of adolescence with parents in order to provide maximum support and community care for this age group. , Contributes to the strengthening of the cohesive family system, the improvement of the reality of the family and its psychological and social empowerment.

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Dedicated work team

For his part, Reham Al-Sabt, Director of the Department of Courses and Knowledge, presented the results of the Family Development Studies and Knowledge Committee panel arbitration, counting the application and question papers and preparing for the Sharjah Youth Shura Session. Discuss the problems of adolescence and propose solutions accordingly, in the presence of some parents and experts in the field of adolescent youth and education.

Dr. who specializes in psychology and family counseling. Amal al-Nimr reaffirmed the management’s interest in dealing with all family issues that are continuously received by the Department of Family Counseling. The function of counseling psychology after the “therapeutic” function and the “therapeutic” function. “Growth”.

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