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Farah al-Dibani: I aspire to be the “Queen of Egypt” in the Ida Opera


When asked about his future artistic ambitions, he says Farah al-Dibani Smile: “I want to play the role (Queen of Egypt) At Opera Ida. I was really starting to get ready for it. For example, I hope to deliver it to Aswan or a reputed Phoenix site in Aswan.

He added, “I want to continue my journey of building a cultural bridge between the West and the East, Egypt and the Arab world. I will always be a symbol of openness, interdependence and the commitment to unite art people.”

24 important hours

As for the details of the event, which caught the attention of Arab and Western countries, it was sung before her. Macron And his wife, al-Dibani, confirmed that he “did not know how he was chosen.”

“The party was not planned because the party production committee called me 24 hours before the event and asked me to sing the national anthem after the president’s speech,” he says.

And indicate Egyptian actress “Even though she was not in Paris at the time of receiving the offer, she reluctantly agreed,” she pointed out.

She continues: “I boarded the train from Geneva and began preparations. I can only remember running for less than 24 hours to review and memorize the French anthem and practice it well. I sang it two years ago, but this time the responsibility was so big and there was no room for error. Because millions of people are watching the event inside and outside France. “

He continues, “I still do not understand my song at this big event. It’s a historic moment, it will affect my life forever.”

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The Egyptian artist previously met Macron and his wife, Brigitte, at the Generational Equality Forum at the Arab World Organization last summer.

Who is Tibani?

Al-Dibani, just 33, is prime minister Egyptian opera singer An Arab joins the academy Paris Opera In September 2016.

He was born in Alexandria, joined the Art Center at the same city library in 2005, and won first prize in the Song Contest of the Supreme Council of Egyptian Culture in 2007 and then second prize in the Junkend Museum in 2008.

Famous educational track

In his statement to “Sky News Arabia”, he confirms Meso-Soprano He began his music lessons at the age of 14, pointing out that the inventor of his voice was a German music teacher at the German school he attended.

And he adds, “I took entrance exams at the University of Berlin and studied opera professionally. I trained with him and learned subjects outside of Egypt.”

Al-Dibani actually emigrated to Germany in 2010, where he was admitted to the Hans Isler Academy of Music in Berlin, where he earned a bachelor’s degree in opera, after which he earned a master’s degree in opera. In the same field.

And he continues: “I did not get a certificate in Berlin Singing Simultaneously, in the same city, I studied architecture at the University of Technology, where I received my bachelor’s degree.

Paris wins

After passing several tests, the young Egyptian girl was able to join the National Opera Academy in Paris.

In June 2019, she starred as a singer Thalida During the concert for the French song, he won the “Ophro Lyric Award” for Best Young Voice at the Paris Opera in the same year.

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After that, the artist rolled over the awards, including the “Hassan Kami” award in Egypt, and later the award of the Famous German Composer’s Foundation.Wagner“.

Critics described him as “Egyptian Carmen” after he sang an excerpt from Georges Budget’s song “Carmen” at Newcolner Uber, a character he often performed on stage, and al-Dibani was awarded the Medal for Art and Letters. Marc Barrett, French Ambassador to Cairo.

In November 2021, Meso-Soprano was invited to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the founding of UNESCO by singing “The Life and Joy of My Heart” by Abdel Halim Hafeez. President of Egypt Abdel Fattah CC.

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