January 28, 2023

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#Fashion_police: Samira Saeed re-wears menswear after Sherin Abdel Wahab | News

A few days after star Sherin Abdel Wahab appeared in elegant menswear on the show “Al Dom”, star Samira Saeed released a collection of her new pictures appearing in an elegant menswear.

Also Sameera Saeed appeared with light brown wavy hair and makeup put on by Amira Al-Malki, and she was wearing elegant men dress.





The song “Maa Retreat”, composed by Mohamed Al-Qaeda and composed by Mohamed Hamza and distributed by Mohamed Mustafa, is said to be Samira’s last work.

Samira Side appeared in menswear two weeks after Sherin Abdel Wahab appeared in the opening episode of “The Dome” designed by Alexandre Vaute. The price of the jacket reaches 2,133 euros, which equates to 38 38,000. The trousers are worth 891 euros, 16 thousand pounds, and the hat is worth 797 euros, equivalent to 14 thousand pounds.




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