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Fatima Al Hosani rose to the role of mother in Ramadan


Emirati star Fatima Al Hosani experiences a variety of dramatic appearances in this year’s Ramadan, through which she embodies three different personalities that straddle the Emirati tradition and the contemporary Gulf, without falling into the pitfalls of homogeneity and repetition. Stars of Gulf and Arab dramas, the stars of Gulf and Arab dramas, have succeeded this year in registering a great presence and elaborate performances befitting his long experience in local and Gulf dramas. Professional movement throughout this journey, between various business experiences, he was able to build his career and achieve well-deserved public success.

Social context

From the portal of social heritage works, Fatima al-Hosani presents the role of “Latifah” in the series “Bayt al-Qasid”, a quiet poet characterized by tolerance and good spirit, despite her constant struggle. She suffers as a result of her rejection of the injustice done to her family members by her husband “Saif bin Tahi” and those around him, his acquisition of the lands of defaulters and his practice, then, severe levels of injustice and tyranny, and her attempt more than once to protect her son who is not free from his father’s tyranny. Did, and with a dual power derived from her courage and ability to stand up for the right, she shuffled. It is based on a tight dramatic text, with a wave of subtle human feelings and emotions that the Emirati star effectively conveys on screen, and a solid dramatic plot crafted by talented Emirati writer and actor Abdullah Saleh. The first integrated experiences in the world of Emirati theater, its atmosphere is entrusted to the action stars by director Bassem Shabo. Al-Faili and a group of young Emirati faces.

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Many roles

Fatimah Al-Hosani did not depart from the role of the mother in the series “House 12”, but in this new work, she presents an honorable model of struggling and working women through the character of “Dia”, a poor mother facing life. Challenges and sacrifices for her daughter despite endless problems and challenges Emirati writer Ismail Abdullah and director Ahmed Yaqoob Al-Muklah meet again with Manaf Al-Abdal, director of the “Home” series, after the 12 » “Muhammad Ali Road” Ramadan 2020 series. He renewed his contracts again. Author Muhammad Al-Nashmi, with whom she previously collaborated on the “Girls of Secondary School” Ramadan 2011 series.

Along with two new experiences, Al-Hosani completed his successful Ramadan trilogy this year with another entry in the series “Al-Nun and What They Know” by writer Abdul Rahman Ashkanani and director Hamad Al-Badri, presenting the character of “Sawsan”. ”, characterized by a very intense relationship with her daughter “Layali”. Suspense “Fajr” tells the story of a wounded woman who is haunted by feelings of love, hate and desire within a series of dramatic events. In order to seek revenge, the loss of her mother, her father’s ingratitude and her childhood suffering due to disenfranchisement pushes her towards the decision to take revenge on those around her.


Fatima Al-Hosani, an Emirati actress, began her artistic career through the theater from the late eighties, then became famous in 1992 with her participation in the TV series “The Her”, and since then her work has continued, especially in the television industry. drama, the most important of which are “Marmar Jamani” and “Marmar Jamani”. “Sahar the Night” and “A House Dwelling in Samra”. In her acting career, she played many roles varying between teenage girl and mother. And the evil woman. During his career, he received many awards and honors, and participated in several theatrical productions that were etched in the memory of audiences in the Arab Gulf.

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• The Emirati star has been successful this year to record a remarkable presence.

• A wounded woman’s personality inspired by feelings of love and revenge in “The Nun and What They Knew.”

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