June 8, 2023

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FilGoal |  News |  Ahmad Sami revealed the fact that the Ceramica Cleopatra pair signed for Al-Ahly.

FilGoal | News | Ahmad Sami revealed the fact that the Ceramica Cleopatra pair signed for Al-Ahly.

Ahmed Sami, technical director of Ceramica Cleopatra team, insisted that he had no knowledge of signing his players Shadi Hussein and Mustafa Messi for Al-Ahly.

In the 30th round of the Egyptian league, Ceramica Cleopatra drew 0-0 with NPP.

In reports to On Time Sports, Ahmed Sami said: “Shadi Hussain and Mustafa Messi deal for Al-Ahly? I don’t know anything about it, if they sign, it’s not worth it without the club’s approval.”

If there is an official offer that has not happened yet, a meeting will be held with the board of directors to decide our position, and if a good offer comes, no player can be deterred, he wants. Get out.”

Continuing, he said, “I agree with Hossam Hasan’s departure in the middle of the league and he is the top scorer.

He continued about Hossam Hasan, “He didn’t get a chance at Musimani’s time, no one helped him, if he continues he won’t play. Talking about the player’s lack of tolerance to pressure after the transfer is “a fabrication”.

“Hossam Hassan is one of Egypt’s best strikers and he needs time and continued participation to get back to his form,” he added.

Regarding the Ceramica Cleopatra tournaments, he said: “We try to create motivation for the players either morally, by improving the status, for the names of these players or through financial incentives. At the same time, we know. This year is tough, next year will be even tougher.”

“After we moved away from the fear of relegation at the start of my tenure, we are trying to give some players opportunities next season,” he added.

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“We want to win matches, but in a match like today, we missed many chances.”

Notably, Ceramica Cleopatra is tenth in the league with 35 points from 29 matches.

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