June 3, 2023

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Finally, scientists explain the cause of chronic Govt disease

Finally, scientists explain the cause of chronic Govt disease

According to the British newspaper, the “Daily Mail”, scientists may have caused problems behind the injury. Freezing Accompanying Virus.

Although millions of people are infected with the virus Corona They escaped death, but they did not recover and suffered from a chronic infectionCOVID-19This can last for months.

Usually, he recovers Victims of corona Two weeks after the injury.

Until recently, scientists were confused about the exact cause of chronic disease.

Scientists in Ireland say they are close to figuring out the cause behind the body’s blood clotting system.

Professor James O’Donnell, co-author of the study, said: “Understanding the root cause of the disease is the first step in developing an effective treatment.”

“Millions of people are already suffering from the symptoms of chronic goiter syndrome,” he added.

A new study has been published that monitors the cases of 50 patients with chronic symptoms of the virus and compares them with 17 healthy volunteers.

The mean age of the affected patients was 50 years and their cases were analyzed approximately 10 weeks after the first infection, and the researchers took blood samples from the participants.

The researchers found that anticoagulants were more prevalent among patients, and that the degree of coagulation was significant in patients admitted to the hospital from the onset of the infection.

Helen Focardi, the lead researcher in the study, says the findings “could be linked to the freezing system at the root cause of the prolonged Govit-19.”