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Find coordinates on Google Maps and share them via phone or computer


There are many ways and methods to get around with Google Maps application, the most important of which is the address, but sometimes the address may not be enough or the location you want to access or share may not have a specific address. But luckily, you can find the coordinates on Google Maps or find the location and share it.

Find coordinates on Google Maps on phones

Believe it or not this method is no different Google Maps version for Android phones Or Google Maps version for iOS phonesIn both cases, open the app on your phone, then long-press the location of the coordinates you want to know on the map – the location has no clear definition or address – and the red pin icon will appear on the location you’ve selected.

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The coordinates appear directly in the search box at the top, and a list of locations can be brought up by swiping up from the bottom of the screen.

Find coordinates on Google Maps and share them via phone or computer

Just copy and paste the coordinates to share them with others, knowing that you need to remove the space after the comma.

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Via Google Maps on PC

open Google Maps In any of your favorite web browsers on your computer, click on the location of the coordinates you want to locate the red pin and right-click on the pin.

A pop-up window will appear containing the above coordinates. That window also contains a set of other options, such as setting route options for getting to and from the site or finding places worth visiting within the site’s boundaries. .

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Find coordinates on Google Maps and share them via phone or computer

To copy coordinates, click the left mouse button on them to automatically copy them to the device, and paste them into any apps you depend on for messaging and conversations.

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How to enter coordinates in the app

If you received the coordinates of the location from a friend, you can enter the coordinates sent to the Google Maps application in the application or on the site, all you have to do is to enter the updates.

  • Valid Entry: 49.003074,-122.756404
  • Incorrect registration: 49,003074,-122,756404

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Also, if you can take all of these factors into account, the first number in latitudes must be between 90 and -90 and the first number in longitudes must be between 180 and -180 and you can press the enter button to have your location coordinates appear on the app’s map.

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