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Following the referendum, Russia was suspended from the Human Rights Council


Twenty-four countries opposed the suspension, the second in the history of the United Nations since the 2011 resolution on Libya, with 58 countries abstaining. However, non-voting votes within the required two-thirds majority required only for support and opposition votes were not taken into account.

Linda Thomas-Greenfield, the US ambassador to the United Nations, confirmed on Monday that her country was seeking to suspend Russia from the Human Rights Council in response to “images obtained from the Ukrainian city of Pucha.”

“Russia cannot be allowed to use its seat in the Assembly as a propaganda tool to signal that it has legitimate human rights concerns,” he added.

Addressing 140 countries that “voted to condemn” Russian military action in Ukraine, he continued: “Photos புச்சா The catastrophe across Ukraine is urging us to put words into action. “

Russia, for its part, has warned UN member states not to approve or vote against the initiative. United States To suspend a member of Moscow Human Rights Council This would be considered a “friendly gesture” that could have repercussions on bilateral relations, according to a Reuters note.

Russia’s mission was emphasized United Nations States must “speak out against the anti-Russian resolution.” It was not immediately clear how many countries received the memo.

“It is noteworthy that in addition to supporting such an endeavor, a neutral stance (abstention or non-participation) in voting would be considered a friendly gesture,” the note said.

“In addition, the position of each country will be taken into account in enhancing bilateral relations and serving them on issues critical to the framework of the work of the United Nations,” the memorandum said.

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Russia’s memorandum of understanding with the UN has declined to comment. Russia is in its second year of a 47-nation council.

In turn, the United Nations Secretariat has previously expressed its displeasure over such a suspension, fearing that it would pave the way for random requests from any country to seek the suspension of any member of any body within the United Nations.

Both Ukraine and Russia are currently members of the Human Rights Council. Russia’s membership expires in 2023.

In the history of the United Nations, Libya, under Muammar Gaddafi, was suspended by a referendum at the United Nations General Assembly on the Human Rights Council in 2011.

Unlike Russia, Libya is not a permanent member of the Security Council, and Tripoli is not a permanent member.

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