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Food and drinks that “steal” sleep from the eye


According to nutritionist Milan Hollingshaus, eating in the evening can seriously affect the quality of sleep and can lead to stomach problems and feelings of restlessness and discomfort during sleep.

The German expert advised avoiding caffeinated and sugary drinks such as coffee, black tea and energy drinks.

There are certain foods that are difficult for the stomach to digest, such as foods that are high in volume and include foods that are difficult to digest, such as large amounts of fat or meat.

Milan Hollingshaus recommends eating small meals by eating small portions of breakfast cereal or cake, and filling half the plate with fresh foods such as vegetables.

In addition, a quarter of the plate is filled with protein foods such as turkey breast or tofu, while the last quarter of the plate is filled with carbohydrate foods such as potatoes, so that all the nutrients for the night are obtained.

Individual characteristics of digestion and personal eating habits should also be taken into account, if he cannot digest raw vegetables eaten late at night, in this case he can rely on cooked vegetables.

Also, if you eat unhealthy foods before going to bed, you can take a short walk or drink digestive drinks like anise, cumin, mint etc. to avoid sleep disturbances.

• If you eat unhealthy foods before going to bed, take a short walk or drink digestive drinks.

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