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Meteorological Department has warned of 40% chance of moderate rain and thundershowers today…Ministry of Irrigation has completed inspection of all flood protection facilities in the governorates of the republic…Declared extreme emergency for further rains.


The Ministry of Water Resources and Irrigation has announced the lifting of the state of maximum emergency in response to the expected rains, and through its operation rooms and emergency centres, the state of rains and downpours in the country is being monitored and followed. Through the Ministry’s Flood Forecasting Centre, it monitors, tracks and forecasts the amount and location of rainfall up to 72 hours before a flood occurs.

Today and Sunday, Northern and Central Upper Egypt and Western Desert regions will experience moderate to moderate rains with a 40% chance of light to moderate rain at times with occasional thunderstorms, the Met Office said. Occasional thundery conditions extending to Greater Cairo, Southern Lower Egypt, Canal Cities and North and Central Sinai areas. Occasional Northern Lower Egypt, Southern Red Sea Mountains and Southern Upper Egypt..

During autumn, Egypt is prone to thunder clouds and heavy rains, which sometimes reach downpours in some governorates, which are characterized by special geographical features, such as Upper Egypt and South Sinai governorates. The Red Sea is geographically characterized by mountain ranges and hills and mountains..

The Ministry of Irrigation has reviewed all flood protection facilities in the republic’s governorates, as there are 1,162 industrial works in Sinai, Eastern Desert and Matrou, including dams, artificial lakes, mountain lakes and artificial canals. Barriers, guard bridges, earth tanks, stilling basins, a crossing, and a spillway.. 117 flood drains were studied in the governorates. “Aswan, Kena, Sohag, Assiyat, Minya, Beni Suef, Fayom, Helwan and Ismalia.” Cases were identified and maintenance work was carried out..

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All relevant administrative authorities are alerted to take necessary measures to protect individuals and facilities from the effects of heavy rains and heavy rains and to reduce the water level, explained the official spokesperson of the Ministry of Water Resources and Irrigation, Engineer Mohamed Khanem. Ensuring the operation of stations and units at the maximum low level canals that allow the operation of rainwater harvesting drinking water stations. To achieve safe conditions in emergency and power supply lines, canals and drains and ensure their readiness to receive rainwater for citizens, cities, villages, and facilities..

The official spokesperson explained that there is a national plan to deal with floods and to avoid their dangers, whereby the role of all parties involved is clearly and specifically determined, entrusted with the implementation of the plan at the level of preparing relevant studies or practical procedures.

He explained that there is a big difference between rain in the mountains, rain filled with rocks and sand, and violence. Their risks, and their advantage of maximum water, and heavy rainfall in low-elevation areas, have their problems and can be avoided by filtering them into the drainage network..

It is worth noting that the strategy of the Ministry of Water Resources and Irrigation in dealing with the flood problem is based on two axes: the first is to reduce the destructive flood risks on infrastructure and facilities, and the second is to maximize the benefits. By creating artificial lakes and storage dams, flood water is stored and used for sustainable development in the area..

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An official report from the Ministry of Water Resources and Irrigation states that 1,470 facilities have been installed to protect against flood risks, which provided citizens with the necessary protection from flood risks and that the facilities “cities, tourist facilities, Bedouin villages. , communities, roads, communication lines, gas, water, electricity and electricity towers” worth tens of thousands of pounds. As well as collecting rainwater, it can be used by Bedouin communities in the surrounding areas for drinking and grazing.

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