June 5, 2023

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Food for All - Al-Ittihad Newspaper

Food for All – Al-Ittihad Newspaper

Among the international moves to achieve food security in the United Arab Emirates, it is based on its resolute role in providing assistance to the most needy communities, especially in light of the fact that the world is currently suffering from food shortages, and in promoting joint action in the face of humanitarian challenges globally, and reaffirming the trust and reputation it enjoys to the world. As a donor, it has a vast network of partners in addition to its leadership in establishing an integrated relief system characterized by rapid response and work.
In the run-up to the “Seven” Summit, the UAE attended a meeting convened by Germany with the aim of mobilizing joint action efforts to improve global food security in the presence of industrialized nations, donors and specialized organizations. By supporting spending on social security, directing investment in food and water systems, and increasing investment in innovation, the world has a vision to have an immediate and long-term impact on this issue. Achieve its food security based on the vision of intellectual leadership that emphasizes “food is a red line”.
The United Arab Emirates has significant experience in the field of food security, the most important of which are support for key industries, motivating agriculture and farmers, adopting smart technology and adopting a research and development approach, all within the framework of its commitment to achieving carbon. Neutrality by 2050 launches international initiatives to encourage investment in innovative diets, including the UAE-US joint venture “Agricultural Climate Discovery”, and sharing its experience with countries confirms its permanent commitment to a joint action to address the global food crisis. Reduces crisis and increase in appetite.

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