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For the second year in a row, the La Nina event is once again destroying the atmosphere | Arabia Weather


Arabia Weather – Most observatories and global agencies, including the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), mark the second consecutive year that La Nina has grown.

The rebirth of La Nina

What is the La Nina event?

The La Nina phenomenon is initially defined as the lowering of surface water temperatures in the tropical Pacific Ocean from their mean average to 0.5 C.

According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), the La Nina phenomenon has returned to dominate the tropics of the Pacific Ocean, and is expected to make up more than 87% of the coming winter, and the La Nina event is mainly affecting atmospheric systems, leading to reversal. Regarding the weather in different parts of the world.

Unlike the weak showers off the coasts of Peru and South America, La Nina is statistically related to the Australian continent falling to heavy rainfall due to the retreat of warm waters in the western Pacific Ocean. It then reflects changes in meteorological systems in the middle and upper latitudes, as well as changes in the weather over wide areas.

For those interested and experts

How does the La Nina event affect the weather in the Arab world?

The trade wind blows from east to west as the earth revolves around itself at the equator of the Pacific Ocean, from where La Nina’s story begins. Moisture creates a low atmospheric pressure system, and then the air travels back over the tropics toward the eastern Pacific Ocean, forming a loop, and then this cold air accumulates further and further down the east coast of the Pacific Ocean, forming a high pressure area, and then moving from the upper surface to the lower surface to complete this cycle. This is called the walker cycle.

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The effect of the La Nina event is not limited to the vertical motion of the wind at the equator because the wind, which rises from the equatorial region of the Pacific Branch to the upper north and south latitude, moves toward the tropical wind. The tropics of the Earth and Capricorn descend towards the Earth’s surface and return to the equator, which is called the Hadley cycle.

The tropical jet stream is formed as a result of the combination of upper air with the ferral cycle from the Hadley cycle, i.e. the La Nina phenomenon indirectly affects the subtropical jet stream and the atmospheric altitudes that arise at latitudes up to 30 degrees. In the north, tropical highlands. The occurrence of La Nina towards the Indian Ocean, which indirectly leads to a decrease in surface water temperature in the western part of the Indian Ocean and the Arabian Sea, which leads to a decrease in the amount of steam flowing into the atmosphere of the Arabian Peninsula after the will of God.

The La Nina event is essentially a statistical event, i.e. it depends on temperature disturbances over a period of time (since the beginning of the climate record, i.e. 1960 AD), and the La Niினாa event is statistically less closely related to the rainy season than the Arabian Mashreq average, with completely different rainfall over the Maghreb regions , Temperatures below their average, and chances of flooding and heavy rains in the Maghreb areas, God willing.

Not only is the La Nina event responsible for all the weather events in the world, but the Arab weather also indicates that the La Nina event and its opposite El Niோo effect on the atmosphere in the tropics and adjacent areas is high. An atmospheric variable that contributes to dozens of other variables in the weather, it is a combination of complex atmospheric factors that create an atmospheric condition that is not exclusive and is the result of a specific weather event.

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