March 29, 2023

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Former Liverpool coach: Salah is very selfish, but he is a scoring machine

Former Liverpool coach: Salah is very selfish, but he is a scoring machine

New Scotland coach Graeme Sounes has confirmed that Egyptian star Mohamed Salah is considered “the best player in the world” because of the amazing performance he has shown with Liverpool since his new start. Season in the English Premier League and Champions League.

Chounis wrote in his newspaper column Times “I agree with Mohamed Salah that Liverpool coach Jurgen Klopp is the best player in the world this season.”

He added, “Maybe he’s a greedy player. He continued, “However, other players accept this quality from him because he presents the best positions.”

Souness, who coached Liverpool in the 1990s, said, “Salah’s selfishness gives the team extra advantage because he scores or accommodates his teammates” because defenders usually censor the Egyptian international, with breaks progressing. He scored, “That’s why it’s hard for anyone to criticize him.”

“It was Salah’s selfishness that turned him into a scoring machine,” he concluded.

Zounis urged the Liverpool management not to waste “Arab pride” and not to work to renew his contract, which expires in two years.

Also, 29-year-old Salah reportedly refused to sign a new contract if his weekly salary did not include terms equivalent to about 500 500,000, or $ 690,000.

Salah previously said in an interview with “Sky Sports” that he wanted to end his football career at “Riders” and that the matter was not in his hands, but was the responsibility of management “on the field”.

Here, Souness says in his article: “I can not guess what Salah is asking, but Liverpool should meet what it wants.”

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He concluded by saying: “It is in their best interest to pay him as much as he can, and it is in Salah’s interest in this club that he has seen his talent.”