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France celebrates International Francophony Day at the Expo


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Expo 2020 Dubai has proven to be a global platform, especially since it has succeeded in bringing the world under one roof, stressed Jackie Anwar Nusaibe, President of the United Arab Emirates and Cultural Adviser to His Highness, President of the University of the UAE. Providing an opportunity for scientists and those interested in various scientific and economic fields to discuss all the worst issues threatening our planet Social welfare and safe and sustainable living.

He added that the United Arab Emirates’ participation in La Francophone’s international organization, which includes a large number of French-speaking countries, was an important starting point for the United Arab Emirates and a source of soft power to strengthen and consolidate its multifaceted and complex relations. With the international community.

Aside from the celebration organized by the French Pavilion at Expo 2020 in Dubai, it took place in the conference hall in the presence of His Excellency Raja Rabbi, Consul General of the Republican Embassy, ​​to celebrate the International Day of the Francophone. France in Dubai, and Eric Lancet, Commissioner General of France at Expo 2020 Dubai, President of the French Institute for Exhibitions “Cofrix”, members of numerous officials and communities from around the world in French-speaking countries.

His Excellency continued: “The celebration of the International Day of the Francophone in Expo 2020 Dubai confirms to the world the success and ability of the UAE to host global events, despite all the difficult circumstances that the world has gone through as a result of the Corona epidemic. The total number of visitors to Expo 2020 is a great success for the country.
The President’s Cultural Adviser added: “Today, I am delighted to celebrate the International Day of the French Language and Francophone in the Hands of Expo 2020 Dubai, which falls on March 20 each year. Including the Louvre Museum, Sorbonne University and other institutions and institutions.

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He said: “French is spoken by more than 300 million people worldwide and is one of the most important languages ​​in the world because it is the language of education, culture, philosophy and the arts. As well as the language of beauty in the plastic arts, and the arts in general.”

For his part, he praised the United Arab Emirates’ outstanding partnership and fruitful role in the international organization of Francophony, stressing that the celebration of this global event from Expo 2020 Dubai is commendable and commendable.

In his turn, Eric Lankett, in his speech at the event, appreciated the great interest shown by the United Arab Emirates towards the citizens of the International Organization of Francophonies from around the world.
The event also featured a video presentation of French speakers from around the world.


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