January 27, 2023

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France kills 3 million birds to eradicate bird flu

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French authorities announced on Tuesday that nearly three million birds have been slaughtered in France to control bird flu since the first infections were detected in November.

The Ministry of Agriculture told the AFP that its last number showed 328 foci in poultry farms, of which 218 were massacres (southwest).

This is the fourth wave of bird flu in France since 2015. Last winter, more than 3.5 million birds, mostly ducks, were slaughtered.

The wave has hit neighboring European countries, especially Italy, where 18 million birds have been slaughtered since October.

Faced with a sudden escalation of the epidemic in southwestern France in January, the government decided on January 20 to increase preventive killings in the region so as not to find a medium for virus transmission.

These continuing crises have placed a heavy cost on the poultry sector (closure of production and export markets) and on the state (compensation for slaughtered animals and consequent economic losses).


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