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The New York Times buys the popular electronic game “Wordell”


The New York Times acquired the game Vertell, which became an event in just four months and is now used by millions of people, under a multi-million dollar deal, and comes within the framework of diversifying The New York Times’ operations. It mainly offers subscription for games.
Sharjah 24 – AFP:

The New York Times announced on Monday that it had purchased the “Wordell” game, which became an event in just four months and is now used by millions of people, on a contract worth millions of dollars.

The game, created by engineer Josh Ward, is based on finding five letters in six attempts, and the site only puts one word per day.

The game, which launched last October, had only 90 people in early November, the New York Times reported.

The number of players rose to more than 300,000 in early January, and according to the newspaper, millions of people now play the game daily, with the New York Times buying it for seven figures, but without the five million dollars.

The deal comes within the framework of diversifying the activities of the New York Times, which mainly offers subscriptions for games, the most popular of which is Crossword Puzzle, which crossed one million subscribers last December. American newspaper on Monday.

In the first nine months of 2021, non-news products accounted for 11% of the newspaper’s total revenue.

In addition to the games, these earnings, in particular, include a written subscription to the NYT Culinary or Audm audio platform, as well as subscriptions.

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Jonathan Knight, general manager of the New York Times Games division, said: “This game has achieved what some games have achieved so far, capturing our collective imagination and bringing us closer to each other.”

The “New York Times” points out that “Wordell” will be free for all players, old and new, emphasizing that no changes have been made to its settings.

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