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Franco-Arabic is a medium of communication between students that sidelines Arabic


The so-called “Franco-Arab” spread among school students, in the use of study programs, through digital platforms or through social networks or in electronic games, which aroused the interest of educational institutions and educators. , causes of spread and how to address this phenomenon, by educating students.

He urged their parents to guide their children by imitating their use of the Arabic language. And “Franco-Arabic” is a “language” that communicates in English writing and Arabic pronunciation, and uses letters with English numbers to make pronunciation clear to speakers of that “language.”

It is known that it appeared with the appearance of electronic games, and among its first users were those who played these games, because the Arabic language was not available through gaming applications, until several years ago, when it spread and occupied most digital platforms.

The teachers confirmed that this “language of discovery” could not be understood and used, so they were eager for students to always use Arabic in communication, to develop the concept of its diffusion and to overcome these practices. Parents confirmed that they see their children using it and try to find its symbols to understand the words, but they struggle greatly to understand it.

6 directions

Mahmoud Bakri, head of the Arabic language department at Al-Maarif School, considered “Franco-Arabic” to be one of the strangest phenomena among a large group of students, and it reflects the metamorphosis of colloquial languages.

Although the words are written in their Arabic pronunciation, using English letters and numbers, it is necessary for educational institutions, departments of Arabic language and all concerned with the language to address this phenomenon, although the greatest burden falls on the teachers. Arabic Language For their role in bridging the gap between students and their Arabic language, through 6 directions, including connecting students with Arabic and cultural identity, they realize the value and importance of Arabic.

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Also, in addition to training students to use the language and not memorizing the rules and topics for the exam, the language is taught as a language, not just as a subject, integrating students with the Arabic language through its four skills (reading, writing, listening and speaking).

Shukri emphasized the importance of bringing the Arabic language closer to the youth, away from hollow words, so that they can feel the beauty of the Arabic language through poetry and sweet prose samples. Expand their participation in initiatives that address its beauty and potential, such as the Arabic language, the Arabic Reading Challenge initiative, and Reading Month.

He added: Such events are considered a social responsibility because the youth are like a speeding train that needs effective leadership to stay on the right track and not derail.

Cons and Tips

Ahmad Syam, a teacher at GEMS International Private School in Al Khail branch, said: “Franco language” or “Franco-Arabic” – as some call it – is a widespread phenomenon among male and female students of this generation.

In short, it is writing Arabic words in text messages or using English or Latin alphabets or communicating by conveying their meaning to the reader. This has many negative consequences, the most important of which is the loss of many written communication skills acquired by the writer. In Arabic, it does not refer to the bad meaning and lack of aesthetics.

He added, “This new language or writing system is not subject to any grammar or writing rules, which contributes to the weakening of our Arabic language, which we are eager to restore to its usual status in the hearts of our students.”

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Fasting instructed the students to write words using Arabic, thus developing their language, enabling the automatic correction feature on the computer or mobile phone, which helps to avoid many spelling errors, and some difficult to write aesthetic expressions. Another thing is that it’s a lot of fun when writing Arabic content.

Dr. Marwa Ali Muhaya, Head of Arabic Language Department, JSS Private School, pointed out the importance of implementing awareness workshops for students in schools and introduced the importance of adopting Arabic as a language of communication among students. To encourage its spread.

Therefore, it is necessary to warn and guide not to use it through computers inside the “Franco-Arabic” educational institution, and not to use it outside the school or on communication platforms, to protect the Arabic language. Said: When non-native students learn Standard Arabic, they make it a communicative language, and during Arabic language classes, they are proud to learn it and practice it in their daily lives.

For his part, Aladdin Salah Ahmed Ali, assistant director and education trainer at Gems Group, said: Arabic is the language of the Holy Qur’an, the eternal language, which occupies a unique place among the world’s languages. , because of its rich meanings, vocabulary and elucidation, it must be preserved, and it is a shared responsibility between the family and educational institutions.

Alauddin Ali emphasized that the family is the main pillar in teaching Arabic, followed by the school and the community. First language for communication between family and friends.

In public life, through writing or telephone, through social networks, through the Internet, the school should also encourage students through competitions such as dictation, composition, creative writing and recitation.

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Education and psychology consultant, Dr. Maisa Abdullah opined that youths and teenagers use “Arabic English” to show off, brag, learn it properly and use writing speed as a measure of leadership. They use it among themselves, they use it as a “code language” among themselves, believing that they are not, they understand the people around them to read and write, so that their secrets are not revealed, and this makes them more independent.

Therefore, parents had to face some unpleasant practices, some students quoting by changing the sound language of speech into unintelligible dialects for the purpose of meeting the needs and objectives of expressing their wishes in wrong ways.

Dr. Maiza Abdullah emphasized the importance of introducing them to the importance of Arabic language and the need to practice it in communication and understanding with the society and the need to clarify the role of Arabic language and its use in our discussions and conversations. To develop expressive and speaking skills in a valuable manner and to move away from all practices alien to our Arab society.

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