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From al-Mahdi to al-Hura: I reject any coup attempt in Sudan


The Egyptian Foreign Ministry said Cairo was closely monitoring Sudan’s recent developments, stressing that “Sudan’s security and stability are part of the security and stability of Egypt and the region.”

In a statement, he stressed the importance of “achieving stability and security for the people of Sudan, safeguarding their capabilities and tackling current challenges to ensure the security of this fraternal country.”

Cairo called on all Sudanese parties to adhere to the “control of the country’s highest interests and national consensus”.

On Monday, the Sudanese military declared control of power in the country by dissolving interim companies, declaring a state of emergency and forming a new government, while the public in power after the arrest of government officials and politicians condemned it as a “conspiracy”.

Gen. Abdel-Fattah al-Burhan, the head of the Sovereign Council, said in a televised address on Sudanese television that “the military has taken steps to defend the goals of the December 2018 revolution.” , Talks about “correcting the revolution”.

He declared a “state of emergency across the country …, the Sovereign Council and the Council of Ministers,” led by Abdullah Hamdock.

Despite announcing “suspensions” in several articles of the “constitutional document” reached between the military and civilians that led the struggles against al-Bashir in 2019, he said he would abide by them and “complete democracy” until the state leadership is handed over to a civilian government. “

He also announced that a “government of independent national capabilities” would be formed to run the affairs of the country until power was handed over to an “elected government.”

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At the same time, protesters in several Khartoum streets condemned and rejected the “al-Burhan conspiracy.” However, near the army’s general command headquarters, soldiers fired “live bullets”, causing injuries, according to the Information Ministry.

The Ministry of Information said that the “army” had arrested Prime Minister Abdullah Hamdok and moved him to an unknown location, insisting that “military forces” had arrested the majority of the cabinet. And the public from the Sovereign Council. “

Hamdock’s office said in a statement that “what happened reflects a destabilization of the constitutional document and a complete conspiracy against the gains of the revolution.” Freedom, peace and justice. “

He called on Sudanese military leaders to “take full responsibility for the lives and safety of Prime Minister Hamdok and his family.” Revolution. “

The Sudan Professionals Association, one of the main movements in the uprising that overthrew Omar al-Bashir in 2019, described the arrests as a “conspiracy” and called for a “fierce protest” on its Twitter page. To the horrific military conspiracy. “

“We will not be ruled by the military and the militants. Revolution is a people’s revolution. Power and wealth are all for the people,” he said.

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