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From victim to bully to content maker and cultural ambassador


An Emirati content maker was able to play a diplomatic role in spreading culture and the arts on his Instagram page, using his skills in mastering Hindi and English to create bridges of cultural communication and human harmony connecting a billion Arab customs and traditions. Three hundred million people in India have been introduced to the exchange of elements of customs, traditions, heritage sites and tourist sites by hosting Bollywood movie stars.

In an interview with, young Ahmed al-Marzouki said social media sites have become a “soft digital force”, weaving the threads of people’s influence and charging them with attractive visual content that promotes knowledge of their mood. Raises public awareness.

Ahmed Al-Marzouki, winner of Best Content Creator in the Middle East related to Bollywood

Tea with Ahmed

Al-Marzouki, described by his followers as an ambassador for cultural diplomacy in the United Arab Emirates, has won the award for Best Content Creator in the Middle East at the “International Icon Awards” in the Bollywood industry. Beginning his journey on Instagram in 2019, on his birthday, he decided to open his page under the name Sai With Ahmed, specializing in interviews with film stars and artists from India, and introduced him to Arab audiences interested in following the stories and images of Indian cinema.

Al-Marzouki, in the days of his grandparents in the United Arab Emirates and the Gulf region, when the people of the Gulf in the sixties worked with Indians in the field of import and export, they had cultural and trade relations. The relationship was close, and he added: “I seek through my page to restore the brilliance of this inspiring communication, strengthen relationships and strengthen cultural and social ties and relationships, and learn about Emirates with interested Arab followers and residents within the Emirate.”

Ahmed Al-Marzouki, winner of Best Content Creator in the Middle East related to Bollywood

Ahmed Al-Marzouki, winner of Best Content Creator in the Middle East related to Bollywood

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Introverted, shy, cruel

Young Marzouki had a difficult childhood. He was a tragic victim of bullying for more than 20 years. He was an introvert who did not interact with his surroundings, and had no close friends, he was naturally shy, but he broke this barrier before the fear of the camera, and was able to persuade his followers to deliver the cultural content of entertaining nature.
Al-Marzouki said: “Social media has given me the energy to be motivated and the environment of loving and caring friends, and it has healed 20 years of psychological trauma within me, and I am now happy to have achieved moral ambition and healthy success.”

Al Marzouki is one of the top 50 content creators

Al-Marzouki faced a challenge in his digital career because he interacted with Bollywood stars, but most of them refused to air video interviews on his page, and when he became popular, sent out invitations for broadcast interviews on Instagram.

In 2020, al-Marzouki concluded a collaboration agreement with the digital site “Wasil TV” and worked as a broadcaster, and their show was aired on their site, and the studio hosted 8 episodes, thereby supplementing his work on social media, al-Marzouki Serves as an employee of the Emirates Foundation. New Media Academy.

A cultural ambassador in a big house

Al-Marzouki described social media as his “big house” and it marked a significant change in his personality, and he began to talk to people without any fear. The live broadcast boosted his self-confidence, and touched on positive records from his followers, pointing out that the influencer can be the cultural ambassador of his community, and that when the person presents any content, knowledge of privacy should be followed by in-depth study of cultures to provide the right information to the public and the community.

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Live coverage of Expo 2020

Ahmed wants to watch the world-famous Expo 2020 live broadcast from the heart of Dubai on October 1 to introduce Bollywood stars to the new Indian culture, entertainment stories, exclusive conferences and news. My followers call me “Google of Bollywood”.

Bollywood stars and their love for Arab culture

He continued, “India has a rich cultural heritage with many traditions and many religions, they all accept each other and respect differences and are united in their love of the country.

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