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Future iPhone ?! Patent reveals an “exciting design” that Apple works with!


A new patent has revealed that Apple is working on an “iPhone” that has a front view that extends to the edges and circumference.

The so-called “single-lens glass” patent shows a device with displays on the front and back, as well as touchscreen buttons on its curved glass edges.

Fitting the back of the iPhone with a 360-degree glass screen can double the size of the screen, without changing the shape or size of the device.

Users of the device can have two different displays on the front and back or alternatively hold a screen with their hands if they turn it.

The new patent is issued by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office and is listed on November 16th. Apparently Apple. The full glass sides of the Apple Watch and future Mac Pros can also be used.

The patent states: “Traditionally, glass was used to provide a transparent window on the touch screen on the front of the device. However, circumferential electronic devices that use glass to identify multiple sides are described here.”

Apple claims that the device will look “soft and shiny” and that the entire phone will be made of a piece of glass.

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In fact, it is likely to be formed from several separate pieces connected to each other, using techniques that reduce the number and visibility of the seams between the different components of the glass.

Apple claims that the upcoming iPhone may not have a dedicated “interface” or be visually recognizable.

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The patent states that the phone will have six screens. While it may seem like a glass case, the upcoming device will still look like a modern smartphone.

The edges will have glass screens, providing additional view or displaying a set of vertical applications that the user has opened.

One more margin will be required to place the board for the speakers and other components.

Patent charts indicate that the edges will be curved, as last seen with the “iPhone 11” in 2019.

Last year’s “iPhone 12” and “iPhone 13” are distinguished by its flat edges, unlike the curved edges of previous “iPhone” models.

Joni Ive, a British designer who worked at Apple from 1992 to 2019, previously talked about the all-glass iPhone concept, which he called the “single mirror”, according to pre-2016 reports.

Eve is responsible for being a pioneer in many of the company’s most popular products, including the iPad, iPhone and iPod.

Location Formerly a business insider, Eve, who helped design Apple’s headquarters in Cupertino, California, described “large pieces of glass as a kind of frenzy.”

Apple headquarters have massive curved glass walls – some of the largest curved glass in the world, Eve said earlier. He designed the transparent case for the highly successful iMac G3 released in 1998.

The new patent indicates that work on the all-Glass smartphone is still in progress, although it is out to set up its own design company.

Source: Daily Mail

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