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Genshin Impact fan boyband album cover featuring 4 characters animo

A Effect of gens A fan created an interesting concept featuring four anime characters on a boyband album cover. The gaming community has a reputation for being very creative, especially when combining certain characters from the playable roster with different real-life environments.

Animo is one of the seven different objects in the game and is an icon Effect of gensThe first large district, Mondstadt. Like Geo users, characters using this item are generally considered very neutral, as they cannot trigger a variety of reactions compared to other items in the game.

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Reddit user Keiosho shared an interesting concept about a boyband called “4nemo” that features four different playable roster characters. Fans seem to love that the player has changed character designs in a more modern urban setting. The four characters featured in the fan art are Wanderer, Keitehara Kazuha, Chiao, and Animo Archon Wendy. Wanderer can serve as the leader of this team based on his personality and how popular he is in the community. He was one of the eleven Fatui Harbingers before turning to the good side during Sumiru’s final arc. Despite being known as an Electro user in the past, HoYoverse decided to give him Animo Vision.

One of these characters, Kaidehara Kazuha, has been officially confirmed for the upcoming show Effect of gens He is one of four characters that will be relaunched in the next update, which is scheduled for version 3.7.1 Second Icon Cycle. Kazuha is widely considered to be the best Animo support in the game, as he fits almost every team formation in the game. Aside from his ability to tear through opponents’ resistance, Kazuha can deal high damage to all of his teammates.

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Animo Archon Wendy is also a five-star Animo support whose main strength lies in her ability to group her opponents in one spot and make sure she doesn’t miss her team’s strongest abilities. Like other archons, Wendy can be used by players in multiple team settings and is completely free to play.

The last member of this party, Xiao, is an Animo TPS character with a specific playstyle. It’s considered “selfish DPS”, meaning Xiao is only useful when on the field during Bane of All Evil’s effect.

Effect of gens Available on mobile, PC, PS4 and PS5. A Switch version is currently in development.

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