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DEWA employees recycle around 222,000 plastic bottles and aluminum cans


Through smart recycling machines

Dubai United Arab Emirates: As part of its vision to be a leading sustainable and innovative global organization committed to achieving carbon neutrality by 2050, DEWA places great emphasis on environmental sustainability in all its programs. Protecting the Environment The “Year of Sustainability” seeks to create awareness among employees and customers about taking care of the environment, conserving natural resources and adopting sustainable behaviors at home and at home. Workplace.

Intelligent recycling machines

In this context, the authority has provided smart machines in several buildings to recycle plastic containers and aluminum cans. They are operated through a smart office application for employees, where the machine reads the QR code on the smart application. Points are awarded for every recycling activity and entered into draws to win valuable monthly prizes. From the installation of the smart machines in October 2022 to the end of April 2023, the authority’s employees recycled 221,900 plastic and aluminum cans, which were used to produce more than 11,600 shirts (T-shirts) and other products through a local company. Manufacturing solutions.

The initiative supports the circular economy model and its applications in various sectors to contribute to achieving economic growth alongside protecting the environment and promoting sustainable practices by reusing resources, reducing waste and reducing emissions to combat climate change. It supports Dubai’s Integrated Waste Management Strategy 2021-2041, which aims to manage, recycle and convert waste into energy and provide practical solutions to environmental challenges.

Circular Economy Strategy

The initiative is in line with the Authority’s circular economy strategy, which aims to improve the use of resources, enrich social, economic and environmental value and promote sustainability in the UAE and Emirate of Dubai. The strategy adopts five principles: circular design and the use of recyclable materials; improving asset management; Value protection and end-of-life processing; renewable energy, energy and water efficiency; and circular partnerships. This strategy highlights a value chain of power that focuses on smart user, circular procurement and supplier engagement.

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It is noteworthy that the Authority’s Strategy for the Circular Economy creates a comprehensive framework for defining the Authority’s directions for expanding the scope of current applications and adopting international best practices in supporting the Circular Economy. Conserving the environment and ensuring sustainability of natural resources.

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