May 29, 2023

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Geologist: The Wadi El Hitan Museum has 195 pieces that tell the story of the evolution of marine life

Written by Manal Al-Esawi

Sunday, 07 May 2023 04:00 AM

Professor of Geography, Faculty of Science, Dr. Abdel-Jalil Howeidi confirmed Al Azhar UniversityWadi al-Hidan Reserve has a unique history in the science of extant fossils, as it is the largest mine of vertebrate fossils in the world, and about 130 species of fossils have been extracted, including the earliest fishes. The Egyptian ape was the first animal in the kingdom to have human characteristics.

Huwaidi explained in exclusive reports how the remains and fossils formed in the protected areas: “The percentage of remains found in any region or period is only 2.5% to 13%, and the Wadi al-Hidan Reserve was part of the Mediterranean Sea. Sharks, bony fish, mermaids, dolphins , apart from the skeletons of many animals and fishes such as turtles, sea snakes and sea snakes, about 40 million years ago, it is full of rare fossils..

The Wadi Al-Hitan Museum has 195 pieces, each of which tells about the development of marine life millions of years ago, because the Wadi Al-Hitan area has unique treasures of millions of fossils. years, and it was classified as a World Heritage Site in 2005 and declared by UNESCO as an outstanding World Heritage Site for whale skeletons.

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