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George Kordahi responded to Saudi Arabia’s comment, however he apologized.


DUBAI, United Arab Emirates (CNN) – Lebanese Information Minister George Kordahi commented at a news conference on Wednesday that the commotion caused by his reports on the war in Yemen was seen as an “attack” on both kingdoms. Saudi Arabia and the UAE.

According to the Lebanese news agency, Kardashian said: “I did not offend anyone. So why did I apologize when I was clear in my words and did not attack anyone? When they asked me about my position during the interview, I said I was against the absurd war and the war in Yemen. . ” It’s absurd, many brothers in the Gulf consider it, and I said my position as a loving and sensitive person. The Arab woes and anxieties.This war is financially, economically and humanely expensive, I am not saying I am with the Houthis or the Saudis or against them.

He continued, “When I returned to Lebanon from Dubai, they accused me of repressing the media and tried to suppress, repress and condemn me for what I said before taking office as a minister today. The interview with the young people who run the circle took place on August 5th, they asked questions, I handled them, with a sense of youth and the necessary transparency and objectivity, which is what they thought they expected from me. He was free and open in his comments until he gave the guest confidence or prevented him from doing so.

Commenting on his portrayal of Saudi Arabia as “hostile”, Kardashian said: “This allegation has been dismissed, and I have never attacked Saudi Arabia, even though we have previously disagreed on the Syria issue. I lost my job at MBC, but I have never insulted Saudi Arabia, “some websites described him as” ungrateful “.

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Kardashian pointed out that what he said in this interview about Palestine, Syria, Lebanon and the Gulf, or the war in Yemen, were positions that did not oblige the government to do anything. He was not a minister then, so these are my personal comments. After I become a minister, I am committed to the cabinet report of the government.

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