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“Get your quilt and heater ready” Weather Authority Weather and expected temperatures for tomorrow, Sunday


Weather station, weather tomorrow, weather station, weather tomorrow, search has increased. The General Meteorological Authority has released weather forecasts and temperatures from last Friday, November 3, to next Thursday, November 9, 2023. The Met Office expects hot weather during the day, with moderate hot weather in the northeastern coastal areas of Greater Cairo, Lower Egypt and northern coastal areas. prevails, while hot weather is observed in parts of South Sinai. During the day, very hot weather prevails in those areas. Our website Balad News has given you all the details about this subject through columns.

Meteorological station tomorrow

Weather Bureau of Meteorology Forecast tomorrow Meteorological experts expect dense water fog to form in the morning along some agricultural and highway roads near water bodies leading to Greater Cairo, Lower Egypt, northern coasts, canal cities and central Sinai. , and northern Upper Egypt, reaching foggy conditions in some areas. As for the night weather, it will be pleasant in the early part of the night and cool in the north in the late part of the night. Also in the country and Northern Upper Egypt. Mild weather prevails in South Sinai and Southern Upper Egypt, and regarding the expected weather events in the next few days, there are chances of rain and fog in some areas. Water levels on some roads will be around 4 to 8 hours.

Temperature in all governorates

  • Minimum temperature in Cairo is 22 and maximum temperature is 30
  • Temperature in administrative capital, minimum 22 and maximum 31
  • Temperature on October 6, minimum 21 and maximum 31
  • The minimum temperature in Benha is 22 and the maximum is 30
  • In Damanhur, the minimum temperature is 21 and the maximum is 29
  • Temperatures in Kafr El-Sheikh, minimum 22 and maximum 29
  • The minimum temperature in Mansoora is 22 and the maximum is 30
  • Temperature in Shibin Al-Qom, minimum 22 and maximum 30
  • Temperature in Danta, minimum 22 and maximum 29
  • Temperature in Damietta, minimum 22 and maximum 27
  • The minimum temperature in Port Side is 21 and the maximum is 28
  • Minimum temperature in Ismailia is 21 and maximum temperature is 31
  • Temperature in Suez, minimum 22 and maximum 30
  • The minimum temperature in Arish is 21 and the maximum is 28
  • Temperature in Sharm El Sheikh, minimum 24 and maximum 33.
  • The minimum temperature in Alexandria is 19 and the maximum is 29.
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