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Global health consultant reveals the effectiveness of the drug “Merck” for the treatment of corona to “al-Ittihad”


Ahmed Shaban (Cairo)
Dr. Jamal Esmat, a World Health Organization consultant, revealed the effectiveness of the “Merck” drug against Covit-19, after the European Pharmaceuticals Agency announced its approval for its use in emergencies, insisting that its results were close to 90%. With treatment, and the patient can be taken home without having to go to the hospital, there is great progress in corona treatment considering the exposure to this drug.

The global health consultant pointed out in his speech to Etihad that the drug “Molnobravir”, manufactured by the American company “Merck”, has been approved and used in the UK for simple or moderate emergencies. When it came to treating and testing for influenza, and after its development, Kovit was successful in eliminating a high percentage of the disease.

As the vaccine is 100 percent protected, the World Health Organization believes that in addition to getting an immunization vaccine to reduce injuries and mortality rates, there are many alternative ways to treat covid. The treatment is easy to take with different injections and there are no side effects.

Regarding the World Health Organization’s approval of the drug Merck. Jamal Esmat said: “Vaccines and treatments for Govt. An emergency. Moreover, we cannot wait for many years for the severity of Govt disease to reduce its problems, ”he stressed. Infectious.

The European Medicines Agency announced on Friday that the drug, developed by the anti-Merck Govt group, has been approved for emergency use in the European Union, and the United Kingdom became the first country in the world to approve the drug. “Molnopravir” from Merck’s American Labs.

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“Molnopravir” is the first oral antiviral drug for goiter, and is designed to insert errors into the genetic code of the virus, preventing it from spreading throughout the body, and targeting the enzyme used by the virus. Make copies of it.

Merck said the drug, which has these properties, would be equally effective with newer mutations in the developing corona virus, and that the results of interim clinical trials would reduce the risk of hospitalization with the drug “Molnopravir” or nearly half the death.

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