March 30, 2023

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Globe reveals the reason for changing Salah against Newcastle

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Liverpool coach Jurgen Klopp has expressed his delight at beating United by three goals to one in Newcastle in the seventeenth week of the English Premier League.

Globe also said about replacing Salah during the match, “Since we will be playing again in 3 days, getting him back a little earlier is the right decision.”

Commenting to the BBC after the match, Klopp said: “Analytically, we rely more on Bournemouth than on Newcastle.

“They made life difficult for us. Being late changes the mood. We rushed in a few moments, but we scored some good goals. At this time of the year I am happy to win matches. The important thing in matches like this is to maintain a positive attitude and attacking attitude.”

Commenting on Trent Alexander-Arnold’s goal, he said: “It was the best long ball he ever played today. It was amazing and incredible. His shooting ability is on a different level.”

Regarding Liverpool’s equalizer when Newcastle’s Isaac Hayden fell with a head injury, he explained, “I never saw that shot again, but I’m heard about it a few times. Eddie Howe is not happy about it. My party said it was fine. “

Commenting on Mohamed Salah’s participation in the team’s goals for the 15th game in a row in the league, Klopp said: “It’s amazing. His decisive passes are as important as his goals. Getting him back a little earlier today is the right decision.

Regarding Chelsea’s 1-1 draw with rivals Everton, the German coach said: “I do not expect Chelsea to lose points. It’s a rare thing, especially I do not know 5 or 6 players from Everton.

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In the next match against Tottenham on Sunday, Globe explained whether the season should be stopped due to the postponement of several matches due to the Corona epidemic, “This is a complicated situation. No one knows what will happen tomorrow. We will go. No need to delete from.

“If we have to stop the league I have no real answer about it. If we stop it for two weeks and come back, I do not know what to do. I saw the Everton team today. I do not know half the players.”

Liverpool increased their lead to 40 points, one point behind leading Manchester City, while Chelsea drew level with Everton and finished third with 37 points.