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Gmail is getting a translation feature on Android and iPhone


The Gmail app for receiving and managing email messages has received a new update that brings the instant translation of messages feature, which, while very useful, comes after a long time since it was already available in the web version of the app.

Gmail, Google’s email services, is very popular and widely used among users, primarily thanks to the Android operating system developed by Google, and requires users to create their own accounts on their phones.

According to a report by 9to5Google, the new update for Gmail app on Android and iOS for iPhone phones is available with version number 2023.07.23.x. It comes with the feature of translating messages directly from the app without the need to use other apps.

The report said that the feature is not yet widely available to all users, but one way to check it is to click on the second menu in the text of the message and look for the word ‘Translate’ to check its availability. In pictures.

A Settings gear will also appear, allowing you to choose between the languages ​​of the messages to be translated or select “Automatically detect language”.

And Google announced in a blog on the official website, the arrival of the automatic translation feature for email messages in the app for Android and iOS, a feature that has long been requested by users, but Google is steadfast.

In its statement, the company said the feature is “very essential for smartphone users”. Previously, when users wanted to translate an email, they had to copy and paste the content into an app or translation service, or go online. Edition to understand what is in computers. .

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Users can also disable the translation feature if they don’t want the banner to appear for a specific language, which is useful for multilingual speakers.

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