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أسعار الذهب في مصر اليوم الأحد 3 أكتوبر 2021.. وعيار 21 بـ 771 جنيها

Gold prices in Egypt today, Sunday, October 3, 2021 … and 21 carat 771 pounds

Registered prices Gold in Egypt Today, Sunday, a significant stabilization in the same positions as yesterday, the gold market’s weekend and the global stock market closed in spot trading, and global gold recorded $ 1760. And we can see significant changes in the price of gold this month, the price of gold futures US Federal Reserve Reserve Because the Reserve Bank of India came into the hands of the Reserve Bank of India.

Today’s gold price:

The price of 18 carats per gram is 1 661.

21 carat price 771 pounds per gram.

The price of 24 carats is 881 pounds per gram.

Gold pound 6168 lbs.

An ounce of gold is $ 1,760.

In the 24 hours before the gold market closes, the price of gold in the Egyptian market rose sharply by 11 pounds, with all gold bullets traded up significantly during trading sessions last Thursday evening.

Gold prices in Egypt today:

The price of gold has risen from 760 pounds to 21 carat gold, which is the main carat in the gold market, rising to 771 pounds per gram, which is the price currently recorded in the gold market at the time of writing these taxes.

Today’s 18 carat gold price ended with a significant rise from 50 650 to 1 661 at the start of trading on Thursday. For 24 carat gold prices, they are now listed on the gold market, 881 pounds gram, we emphasize that there are no gold artifacts of this caliber, but it is a key component of gold bullion.

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The reasons for the clear rise in gold prices 24 hours before the close of trading, perhaps a slight decline in the US dollar’s earnings, and the first reason for the rise in global gold from $ 1723 to $ 1760, the second reason for the rise in gold prices were a slight decline in U.S. bond yields. Causes an increase in demand, followed by a rise in the price of the yellow metal.

With the US Federal Reserve expected to raise interest rates during its November 2 and 3, 2021 meeting, international markets are under great pressure to contain the continuing rise in gold prices in global stock markets.