August 14, 2022

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Good news from Google.. WhatsApp is getting a new feature that will end the suffering of millions

Google announced, good news for WhatsApp users and Android users, as the American company said, a new option to switch chats from iPhone phones to Android devices has been introduced, and gsmarena announced that the American technology has introduced the switch. For Android iOS app, this app is for any device running on Android 12, iPhone users can transfer WhatsApp history to Android phones and transfer videos, photos and voice messages from iPhone to Android phones.

Android supports all Android 12 devices instead of iOS apps

  • Apple has released a new update to its WhatsApp application in the middle of this month for those who want to convert their Android phones to iPhones without losing messages and conversations on the popular chat program.
  • Switch to Android is enabled by Switch to Android iOS app for all users of Android 12 phones and this application is easy to use to switch phones to each other and exchange videos, chat history, photos and voice messages on WhatsApp. .
  • You can easily transfer important files from iPhone to a new Android phone by following the setup instructions for data transfer, and Meta provides support for transferring chat history to two phones with the same operating system.
  • And you can transfer chat by connecting iPhone to new Android device, transfer data from iPhone via cable or switch to Android, and follow on-screen steps to easily transfer data to your new device.