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Google Chat is getting a design update. Here’s what’s changed


By Heba Al Saeed

Friday, December 22, 2023 01:00 AM

Submitted Google In the latest update, its chat app has a new look not only with cosmetics but also with changes aimed at improving the user experience and making navigation easier.

The redesign affects both the standalone Google Chat app and its integration into Gmail, giving users a more intuitive and streamlined experience.

Here’s what’s changed in Google Chat

Bottom bar and FAB alternate

The familiar bottom bar and the “new” floating action button (FAB) have undergone a makeover. The pill-shaped container now has tabs for Home, Direct Messages, Spaces, and Notes, replacing the previous Chat and Space tabs.

A circular indicator highlights the active tab, providing users with a visual cue. However, it is worth noting that an animated transition between tabs would have added a nice touch to the user experience.

Simplified icons

Icons for each tab are displayed without labels, promoting a cleaner look. Basic information is located at the top of the screen below the search bar.

Redesigned Fab

The Floating Action Button (FAB) is now a rounded square, slightly smaller and located to the right of the pill-shaped container.

Cross-platform publishing

The redesign has been implemented across Google Chat, Gmail for iOS, and the web.

On Android, the account-wise update rolls out gradually with server-side updates.

How to get the update

Open Play Store and search for Google Chat app.

Tap it from the search result and check if any new update is available.

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If yes, press the update button.

For Gmail, search for Gmail in the Play Store and then update the app.

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