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Google PassKeys What are passkeys? How do you use it?


Today, Google announced a new technology called PassKeys that replaces passwords and the problems and risks associated with them as they allow users to sign in to their Google Accounts. password.

Google said it has been working with several partners for years to provide an alternative to easy and secure passwords, adding that passwords users have relied on for decades are difficult to remember and vulnerable. For phishing and fraud.

And earlier in 2022, Google announced a collaboration with Apple, Microsoft, and the FIDO Alliance, which are working on PassKeys technology, and the company said it now offers the feature to users of Google Accounts on multiple platforms, including iPhone and Android, or computers. , Windows or Mac, the new feature is available in addition to passwords and two-step verification via SMS messages or authentication apps. Google authentication.

What are PassKeys that change passwords?

The new PassKeys passwords from Google offer an alternative to passwords for signing up to apps and websites, and are easier and more secure than traditional passwords, eliminating the need to think about and save or keep a password. Password management applicationsIt also prevents access to accounts by relying on easy-to-guess passwords.

Instead of passwords, PassKeys allow users to log in to different apps and websites through verification or natural authentication on their devices, including fingerprints, face prints or a screen lock code, and unlike passwords, Google says passwords are more resistant to online fraud. and phishing, and safer than SMS verification.

How to use passkeys instead of passwords for your Google Account?

Google Account users can now enable the Passkey feature to sign in on their devices with a fingerprint or face and provide a password with a click. g.co/passkeys Simply complete the steps on the device, be it Android, iPhone, Windows, or Mac, and then you can sign in to your Google Account with your fingerprint or face without typing a password.

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Google has confirmed that it will soon give administrators the option to enable passwords for users when signing in to Google Workspace accounts, and the company plans to rely on that in the future, while offering a new feature in addition to Google passwords and two-step verification. Delete it and passwords completely.

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