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Google plans to launch its smartwatch next year with these specifications

Google plans to launch its smartwatch next year with these specifications

Has developed Google Inc A smartwatch is scheduled to launch next year as the search company creates an updated push in wearable technology.

Locally codenamed Rohan, the device shows clients and associates the latest version of Google’s smartwatch operating system, according to internal documents viewed by Insider and many current and former employees.

Google has so far chosen to develop an operating system for smartwatches developed by partners such as Samsung. But she did not make a device of her own.

And unlike the Apple Watch, the Google Watch is rounded and has no body bezel, according to the technical rendering seen by Insider and the staff seen. Like the Apple Watch, it captures health and fitness measurements.

Work at Rohan has accelerated this year. The company allowed employees outside the Smartwatch team to test the device and provide feedback.

The watch is sometimes referred to locally as the Pixel Watch or the Android Watch. But executives have used different names to refer to the project. As a result, it is unclear which brand the company will choose.

Famous leaker John Prosser has previously said that there is a smartwatch codenamed Rohan.

Google has big plans for its wearable business. Fitbit closed its $ 2.1 billion acquisition in January.

Fitbit has announced plans to build devices running on Google’s operating system. However, Google does not currently want to brand Rohan Watch as Fitbit.

The Rohan watch has a heart rate monitor and provides basic health monitoring features such as step counting. In its current form, the watch requires a daily charge.

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An employee who checked the clock lamented that the charge was slow. According to the Arab technology news portal, Google’s wearable products, like the Apple Watch, use privacy bands.