March 29, 2023

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Byrne threatened to lose Koretska at the Dortmund summit

Byrne threatened to lose Koretska at the Dortmund summit

Munich (dpa)
With the German football league summit against Borussia Dortmund scheduled for Saturday facing the “Bundesliga”, there is uncertainty within Bayern Munich about the possibility of his international player Leon Goretska.
Bavarian coach Julian Nakelsmann told reporters that his turnout was between 50 and 60%.
Koretska Patellar suffers from tendon pain.
Knucklesman explained that it would make sense for an international player to participate if he could control the pain and give 100% of everything he has on the field.
He added: The competition is huge and important to select players who are not fully prepared.
Jamal Musela is a candidate to replace Goretzka, while French midfielder Corinthian Tolisso will not replace his teammate Joshua Kimmich due to a growing corona virus infection.
Kimmich is expected to return to the team next week.
Bayern should play without Joseph Stanisic, Marcel Sabitzer and Maxim Sobo-Motting.
“It’s an important game for our team, it’s an important game for the league,” Nagelsman said.
Coach Julian Knucklesman’s team is leading the German league stage with 31 points, one point behind Borussia Dortmund.
The brilliant attacking duo will return to focus on Polish striker Robert Lewandowski, Bayern Munich’s top scorer and Norwegian earling Holland, Borussia Dortmund star. Stopped the best striker in the world.

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