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Google Play Announces Feature to Sync Apps Between User Devices | Technology and cars


Ammon – Google today announced the launch of a new set of features for its application store on the Google Play Store on Android devices (Google Play).

New features
The company said the new features are aimed at simplifying the process of downloading and updating applications for users of multiple devices.

Synchronization of applications across all user devices
And as Android Police reports, the app sync feature allows automatic downloads across all the user’s devices, for example, if you download an app on a phone, the store works to download the same app. The user’s other phone or tablet, as long as the devices use the same Google account.

How to access the new feature?
The new feature can be accessed through the “Sync apps with devices” option available in the “Manage apps and devices” menu in (Google Play), and if this option is activated, the user can access the list of all his devices and select the devices he wants to sync its apps with the apps of his main device; This frees the user from the burden of downloading their apps separately for each device.

Enable the option to sync with smart watches
The option to sync with smartwatches with Wear OS or smart TVs with Google TV can also be activated, and if the user downloads a specific app on his phone, the store will automatically download the same app on the watch and TV. The version of the application is compatible with the devices. mentioned.

According to Google, the new feature does not support syncing of previously downloaded apps, that is, it only works with apps downloaded after enabling the feature, but the store offers an option that lets the user download apps of his choice on his other devices. Through the sync option on his main device, and no feature, it supports auto-updating apps across all devices, and the user has to manually update his apps on his different devices.

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What is Google Play?
Google Play in English is defined as a store for applications for devices running on the Android operating system, regardless of the name of the manufacturer of these devices, be it Samsung, Huawei or other companies. In the past, especially before 2012 AD, Google Play was known as Android Market, and Google Play has various and diverse applications like games, music and e-books, as this store has a library of huge books with different categories.

Protect apps on Google Play
In February 2012, Google introduced a virus protection system called Google Bouncer, and this guard scans all harmful applications uploaded to the store, and in 2017, it was renamed Google Play Protection, a system that organizes applications and is permanent. Scan them to get rid of any malicious or spyware applications.

Downloading apps may require certain permissions on the device like setting locations, calendar or access to camera, microphone, phone, SMS and storage, but don’t let that scare you as long as you download from (Google Play). ), all applications are subject to a high security system.

In July 2017, Google launched a new system called Peer Grouping, which aims to collect similar apps that perform roughly the same functions, and the service is based on the app description, statistics, and number of downloads to categorize these apps.

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